The GYM is a software development school and a product studio.
We are focusing on software development with Swift.

Our idea is to help beginner software developers to become confident developers, gain real-production based experience, and the first job.

We call ourselves The GYM because we believe that every upcoming developer needs an everyday “workout” with the code and a plan to commit to and grow those “muscles” and a coach(mentor) to facilitate and validate the learning.

How does it look like to go to The GYM?

  • We pair you with fellow junior developers.

  • Two or three of you will join a product to work on.

  • You will learn the codebase together.

  • You will work on tasks for our clients together.

  • There will be a senior developer to guide you and mentor you every day.

  • You will learn and test your skills with every new task you will do. You will review every task with your partner and The GYM mentor.


The idea of our “product studio” is to empower or create new businesses with native app development at a reasonable cost.

The GYM Studio is tightly bound with the School, and it is an ultimate test for the students and the study program. We make sure our students are qualified to work with real-life projects. We can offer businesses to fulfill the need for software. The GYM does it with Junior Developer rates and under Senior Developer's supervision and quality control.

  • We code-review your current product with a senior developer. The list of issues about security, performance, and future of product extensibility with a direct impact on your product and business.

  • We help you to do a new product or an MVP inception with our senior software engineers and a product manager.

  • We plan and schedule the work with you and our students.

  • We deliver the work on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Why do you even bother to work with The GYM?

  • Our hourly rates are reflected according to the level of our developers. Junior developers.

  • You’re getting your ideas or features done with juniors, but with a senior quality and control.

  • You’re helping new developers on their career path.

  • You can offer a permanent position to the students in case of mutual interest.


Almog Goldstein

Co-Founder & VP Product + Marketing at Beaches.App

"I have the great pleasure of collaborating with The GYM. Yegor and Oleg showed a fantastic sense of mentorship toward their team.

I genuinely believe that their mission is valuable and essential, helping young developers gain the initial experience to fulfill themselves and find the first job.

Moreover, The GYM team helps us to redesign our app and take it to the next level. The GYM showed a great sense of collaboration, communication, and professionalism."

About Us

Oleg Shanyuk

Oleg is responsible for the education program and training.

He is a developer with more than 12 years of commercial experience. That also includes around 10 years of development for the iOS platform, hiring, and managing teams of developers.

He worked with companies like CloudMade (automative, geodata), Kyivstar (Ukrainian telecom), Flixbus (transportation).

He also likes building "hardware". His hobby is making wood tables 🛠 Pet project – a sun compass ☀️
Oleg enjoys helping people to learn and happy to share his experience.

Yegor Zubarets

Yegor is responsible for managing our products and expectations for The GYM clients. He is also working as an iOS Developer because he has a deep love for Swift and Apple platforms.

Yegor has 10+ years of experience as a Product Manager.
He led and worked with teams and products with millions of customers on-site and remotely.

He is a fan of intensive workouts with Freeletics and hiking.

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